Can We Talk About Race?

There’s a bit of a kerfuffle going on right now with regards to race and racism in an organization that I’m part of and love very dearly. The really frustrating part is that it’s closely mirroring a similar kerfuffle that went on in academia about a decade and a half ago. As a result, I feel I need to break this blog’s long silence and break my “no politics” rule and chime in with what we learned over there in the hopes that it will help those in the SF/F community (fan and professional) cool down and start communicating better.  Continue reading

(Lack of) Con Schedule

The move back to Southern California has, not surprisingly, been very hard on our finances. As a result, I’m not going to be attending FOGcon this year, though it’s one of my favorite conventions. I’ve told the good people at BayCon not to count on me, though I’m still hoping that I may be able to at least attend that one, even if it’s a last-minute call. That’s as far ahead as I’m looking at this point.

Have fun without me, y’all!

Word Count

SFWA’s Nebula Awards ballot had something interesting happen this year. After the final ballot was announced, one of the novelettes was determined to be only 7,070 words long, and was removed from the ballot because novelettes are works that are at least 7,500 words but less than 17,500 words. I need to emphasize that I am not part of the Nebulas committee and I am not in any way privy to how this error happened, but this is a great opportunity to talk about word count and how it has changed since I’ve been writing.

Yes, something as simple as how many words there are in a story has changed, and radically, over the years.  Continue reading

I’m Moving South

By now many of you have heard through other channels, but it’s time to make it official. My husband has accepted a job in L.A. County. Today we came to terms with someone selling a house in the high desert city of Lancaster, California, and so I’m going to be moving to one of the few California cities that is actually hotter than Fresno.

Continue reading