Curious Fictions

I’ve started putting stories up on the Curious Fictions website.

For now, I’m posting stories that have previously been available online. Since something that’s been available on the internet for free never truly goes away, I see no harm in reprinting these stories for free on the internet. Where it will go beyond that… well, that depends.

You see, I have no regrets about publishing Little Dystopias. It was nice to be able to share some of my never-sold stories. We’re revenue-positive, meaning it’s actually earned more money than we spent producing it. But, well, it’s barely revenue-positive, and it took a few years to get there. Short story collections don’t sell well, even for bigger names than I will ever be.

So, I’m seriously considering options for how to get the next batch of never-sold stories and reprints out there.

You may remember that I’ve posted some free fiction here on this blog. That, however, was never done with the stories I really believed in, that I knew were good stories. I believe that artists should be paid for their work, so, sorry, you don’t get the good stuff unless I get paid for it.

Curious Fictions, however, has a possible solution: subscriptions. People could, theoretically, subscribe and get my original, never-before-published works from behind a paywall, while still enjoying the reprints for free. To make that viable, however, I’d need to believe that there’s a reader base to support it. To that end, I’m waiting to see what the metrics end up looking like.

In the meantime, enjoy Curious Fictions generally (I’m far from the only writer posting there, and a couple of my favorite short storyists have been there before me), and my works specifically. “Too Close for Comfort” and “Another Generation’s Problems” are already available.

If the numbers are good, more will follow.


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