Comic-Con San Diego

I’m not a big fan of crowds. As a result, I’ve always avoided Comic-Con, despite the fact that most of my friends go and they all insist it’s a lot of fun. I kept telling them that I’d go when I was invited to be on a panel. Well, it’s happened.

I’m pleased to be participating in a panel called SFWA Writers Reveal the One Big Secret That Got Them Published with Greg Bear, Greg van Eekhout, Marie Andreas, Jonathan Brazee, Marie Andreas, and moderated by Jeffe Kennedy. These are some of my favorite writers and people, so it should be an amazing time (and I’ll be feeling very out-classed). It will be Friday (July 19) at 6:00 in Room 2 (wherever that may be).

I’m not sure how much more of Comic-Con I’m going to be doing, since I wasn’t actually planning to be there and therefore didn’t secure a room. But if you see me, please say hi!


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