A Few Updates

Yes, I’ve been quiet. I’ve managed to hobble together full-time employment across two different colleges, and as a result my semesters are crazy, and I’m not being paid nearly enough for the number of hours I’m putting in. That said, adjunct work does pay better than short-story writing, and therefore it’s been getting priority. 

Little Dystopias continues to sell at a slow but surprisingly steady rate. Single-author collections are never big sellers, and I’m far from a big name, so we went into this with fairly low expectations and as a result are pleased with every sale. I’m hoping that by learning my way around the publishing industry with something that inherently isn’t expected to perform well will let me make my mistakes now instead of when people’s livelihoods really are on the line.

I don’t have anything coming out soon. It’s an odd feeling after several years of selling pretty consistently, but my submission rate has also bottomed out, so the lack of exciting news is entirely of my own making.

And to make matters worse, most of the ideas that are really exciting me lately are novella- or novel-length concepts. I know. I don’t know who I am or what I’ve done with Kyle Aisteach. I take heart in the fact that I don’t have time to develop these ideas, and so they’re probably just a highly advanced form of procrastination.

And speaking of procrastination, I’ve got about 300 essays that need grading right now, so I really shouldn’t be posting anything here at all.


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