Hugo Nominations are Open

Wow, is it February already? Where does the time go?

But since it’s February already, that means it’s Hugo nomination season. Don’t like what the final ballots have looked like in the past? Head over to the MidAmeriCon website, and participate! Higher turnout means better choices this summer.

Don’t think you’ve read enough stuff to nominate intelligently? Nominate whatever you have read that you felt is of Hugo quality. The process is designed so that if a lot of people participate, the best stuff will naturally get more nominations. You don’t need to worry that you’re polluting the waters. You can also nominate as few pieces as you want, so feel free to leave blanks if you can’t think of anything deserving in a given category.

(There is no mathematical advantage to leaving blanks, so if you can think of 5 in a category, go ahead and fill it in completely. Me? I usually leave the whole category blank or fill it in completely. I honestly can’t think of a novella I read last year. I’m crying about the wonderful short stories I can’t nominate because I only get 5.)

And if you’re reading this blog, I assume you’re a fan of my work. My list of eligible stories is here. I had no trouble filling up my Nebula nomination ballot without any of my own works, however, so don’t feel in any way obligated to select anything I’ve written — there’s a ton of great stuff out there. The idea is to make sure there’s good stuff to choose from come awards time.

You can update your ballot at any time, so I always recommend starting to fill it out early so you don’t forget. You have until March 31.


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