“Birth of a Pantheon” Released

I got the e-mail today that the Kindle edition of Touching the Face of the Cosmos, featuring my story “Birth of a Pantheon,” is now available. The print edition is coming in 2016. 

“Birth of a Pantheon” is an older story, telling the story of the arrival of the original Venus colonists whose city was the location for “Pressure and the Argument Tree.” It didn’t find a home in its first incarnation, so I rewrote it to work as part of a story cycle about Venus and had been keeping it under wraps until Paul Levinson posted a call for submissions for stories and papers looking at the intersection between religion and space travel. In one of those “Huh, I’ve actually got one of those” moments, I sent it along to him, and he and his co-editor, Michael Waltemathe, liked it a lot.

I’ve only breezed through the other stories in the anthology, and just glanced at the papers, but the whole thing is engaging enough that it delayed my grading by several hours. Those of you who are Gregory Benford fans should be particularly fond of his contribution, which is in fine form.

And yes, this should be my last publication of 2015. It may be my last publication for a while, actually, as I’ve got nothing pending any more. But I have to finish grading before I can deal with that.

If you need me, I’ll be the one trying not to read Touching the Face of the Cosmos.


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