SFWA Nebula Suggested Reading List

SFWA announced today that the previously internal Nebula Suggested Reading List is now available to the public. 

This list is one of my favorite things about being a SFWA member. It works very simply. As we members read something that we think other members should be reading for possible consideration for a Nebula, we post it to the list. As more people read it and agree, they add their recommendation to the original one. And since we’re not allowed to recommend a work that we wrote, published, or edited, it has a lot less of the self-promotion noise that most recommended reading lists have. Nothing is immune to logrolling, of course, but as a work gets more and more recommendations, it becomes more and more clear that it’s something that I should be checking out.

So now it’s available for everyone to look at. Now you can see what we authors are thinking we might nominate. If you’re always wondering what new works you should be paying attention to, it’s a great resource. The novels will generally be available at your local library, and more and more of the short fiction is available online (and, really, subscriptions to the few remaining print magazines aren’t outrageously priced if you’re a short fiction lover). This list is my primary tool for staying current in the field.

So, enjoy.


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