Release Day Rollercoaster

Today is release day for Little Dystopias, which means this should be a gleeful post about how you can now get the book in whatever your preferred reading format is. And if you’re not a Nook user, that’s what this post is. However, please do not download or purchase the Nook version until Barnes & Noble un-screws-up the file. 

Cover of Little Dystopias: A Collection by Kyle AisteachHonestly, I don’t know how the Nook version got so badly messed up. I’m a Nook user. I tested the final .epub on my Nook and in the Nook app. Kindle is the version that had me worried because I’ve never seen the book on a Kindle, and the distributor services Kindle by converting our .epub into Kindle format. But it’s apparently just fine. iBooks, similarly, takes the same file that was serviced to Barnes & Noble, and the iBooks version works. But on Nook? Suddenly there’s nothing to mark paragraph breaks, nothing to differentiate chapter titles from the rest of the text, and no bolds or italics. The book is, quite seriously, illegible.

My fury, however, is tempered by the fact that Barnes & Noble is the only e-tailer I’ve found so far that has both the hardcover and the paperback available. Amazon has the paperback, plus four other “offers” from its authorized sellers — one of which is significantly above the cover price. (It’s print-on-demand, so it’s not like there’s going to be a scarcity of available copies anytime soon. I wish them luck.) Another e-tailer has the paperback listed above cover price and then discounted back down to the cover price. I’m not sure where they’re located, but that’s a practice that I’ve been told isn’t legal in all states. Caveat emptor. Cover price for the paperback is $15 and for the hardcover is $25, and the e-book base price is $6.99.

But, regardless, today is a day to celebrate. The book is out. It almost certainly won’t be on the shelves of your local bookstore, but you should be able to order it from anywhere, including your local mom & pop, if you’re fortunate enough to live near one of those.

Of course, any partying I was hoping to do is tempered by the fact that I have to work, have to go pick up medicine for the cat, and need to get some books in the mail to Goodreads contest winners. I’m holding off scheduling a release party until I’ve actually got hardcovers in my hand, because I’d like to be able to sell/sign books at the event. They’re on their way, but I also haven’t had time to do much event planning. If I were one of the big sellers I’d have staff to take care of that for me and I’d just have to show up, but I’m not there yet.

So, in short, happy release day! It’s been quite a ride.


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