BayCon Schedule

With the usual caveats that convention schedules are always in flux to some degree or another, I’ve got my schedule for BayCon

Creating Fictional Political Systems Friday at 4:30 PM in Stevens Creek

Are you thinking about writing a story that has actions taking place at the highest levels of power in a different civilization? Your civilization needs to have its own politics. Who makes up the opposing groups? What are their agendas? Are the groups based on tribal affiliations, religious membership, caste, or something else? Is the liberal-conservative political spectrum a universal constant among all societies? Are there underlying values that universally differentiate a self-described liberal from a self-described conservative no matter what culture they come from? How does the writer make a political opponent a real person instead of a mere cardboard cutout?

Closing the Gender Confidence Gap Saturday at 10:00 AM in Lawrence

Why are women less likely than men to tout themselves when a promotion opens up? Is it due to facts like parents and teachers interrupt or talk over girls twice as often as they do with boys? What can we do to reinforce confidence in young girls and help them overcome the “imposter syndrome” as an adult? Our panelists discuss how parents and people who work with kids can monitor and alter their own behavior so that they aren’t blocking the development of self-confidence in girls.

What’s the Best Publishing Option for My Book? Saturday at 11:30 AM in Bayshore

Traditional publishing? Ebook? Print-on-demand? Which option should you choose, and why? Our panel will help you navigate the many options available to get your work published and in the hands of readers.

LGBT Protagonists in Science Fiction: Exiting the Ghetto Sunday at 1:00 PM in Ballroom A

Are male readers, traditionally the core of the hard science fiction audience, ready to accept lead characters that are radically different from themselves? David Weber succeeded at creating a female protagonist who is wildly popular with the male portion of his readership by making her a military leader. Is writing that type of military science fiction the key to creating a LGBT character that’s widely popular? Are there other ways to get a reader with a traditional upbringing to buy a book which has a LGBT protagonist? Would a lesbian protagonist or a gay protagonist be more likely to be the first major breakthrough character?

How To Avoid Gender Stereotyping Sunday at 4:00 PM in Camino Real

When writing stories set in or based on traditional cultures, how do you avoid the pitfall of gender stereotypes? The panelists draw from both historic examples of barrier breaking as well as the techniques they draw on in their writing.

Hope to see you all in Santa Clara!


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