This Is Why It Pays To Proofread

So, the final proof of the ARC (that’s the uncorrected copy of the book that is produced for people — like reviewers and proofreaders — who need to read it before it comes out) arrived today. I was initially ecstatic.

But, then, I looked closely.

CCqbxLkUUAEMz_g.jpg-largeNotice anything about the cover? The release date, maybe? Uh, my book is coming out October 13, 2015 not 2014.

Well, that’s the point of a proof, to catch these things, right?

I flipped the book open to see how the fonts we wound up with (after a running gun battle with bizarre incompatibilities) look. And the first page I settle on, I notice there’s a word missing from one of the sentences.

Proofing this is going to be slow process.

A very slow process.

And, needless to say, the ARC is going to be slightly delayed. Can you imagine how embarrassing it would have been had the book actually been sent around to reviewers in this state?

At least the title and the byline are spelled right.

I think.

I’ll need to triple-check…


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