I’ll be attending FOGcon for the first time this year. It’s going to be held March 6-8 in Walnut Creek, CA. They’ve been kind enough to put me on a really fun panel, the Fake Authentic Folklore Improv at 9:30 PM on Saturday.

The part about this that’s baffling is how the programming committee knew that folklore is a research interest of mine. I really didn’t think I’d mentioned that to anyone. 

At any rate, as it’s going to be my first time there, please don’t be shy about saying hi if you see me.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with FOGcon, it’s a fairly young (this is FOGcon 5), small, Bay Area convention that focuses on speculative fiction literature. That means that unlike many cons, this one’s for book lovers first and foremost. Because it tends to fall during the semester, I haven’t been able to bring myself to attend the previous two years because of grad school, but this year it just means I get to bring a pile of grading (well, virtually, since my students turn in their assignments electronically — I just have to hope the hotel wifi is up to snuff) and promise myself I’ll spend at least a few hours a day holed up in my hotel room helping the next generation learn to write an academic essay.

This year’s theme is “The Traveler” and the guests of honor are Kim Stanley Robinson and Catherynne M. Valente, which I admit makes it a pretty good slate to be a part of.

And if you’re used to seeing me elsewhere, don’t worry, I’m still committed to my usual cons. The nice thing about having an income again is I can expand my activities. The disadvantage to being paid like a Walmart employee is that I can’t expand my activities as much as I’d like, and hence will not be attending the Nebulas this year. I’m bummed about that, because it’s the 50th anniversary, and I have family not terribly far from Chicago I haven’t seen in way too long. But the reality of life is that we must prioritize our spending, and Chicago just isn’t in the budget this year.

Maybe next year, if I have a good year writing.


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