Awards-Eligible Fiction

I feel astoundingly stupid doing this every year, because there’s so much great stuff being published and my humble stories really can’t measure up, but I believe every writer should make a handy list for their readers of what they published that can be considered for the Hugo and the Nebula. We writers are notoriously bad at knowing what is and is not award-worthy in our own work. So here it goes: 

Eligible for Best Short Story: “The Wrong Dog,” published in Stupefying Stories, July 2013, edited by Bruce Bethke.

Yeah, it was a lean year. I blame grad school.

Technically, “Recovering Spitzer” and “Eternal Love” are also eligible for Best Short Story since they were published on my blog in 2013, but for the love of whatever you hold sacred, don’t subject the voters to either of those stories!

(I mean, “The Wrong Dog” at least features clever use of lightbulb jokes. If you’re a Nebula voter, there’s a consideration copy available on the SFWA discussion board. If you’re a Hugo voter, I can arrange to get you one privately if you have some objection to buying an otherwise excellent e-book. But I’m not sure why you’d be considering any of these when Ursula K. Le Guin had a new story published in 2013, too.)


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