New Classics: Five Recent SF & F Books You Should Read

I’m back from BayCon, which was a tremendously fun con, where I was on eight (yes, eight) different panels. Most of those were me talking about writing, but the last one — on Monday after a good chunk of of attendees had already left — gave me the chance to talk as a reader. It was a panel called “New Classics: Five Recent SF & F Books You Should Read,” which I shared with writer Laurel Anne Hill and uber-reader Randy Smith. It was surprisingly difficult for me to boil the great science fiction and fantasy of the past decade down to a list of five, but I managed to do so, and so I thought it would be worth sharing my picks here. Continue reading

I’m No Longer Intelligent

I was a smart kid. Nobody doubted that I was intelligent. I got A’s on my tests (though I frequently got lower grades on my report cards, since I was smart enough to get A’s on my tests without doing all — or any — of the homework). I remembered what I had been taught, had excellent retention for what I read, and could continue to regurgitate facts long past the point at which I still needed them to pass the test.

And then society changed. Continue reading