What To Wear?

With so many people I interact with nominated for the Nebula this year, I’m hearing a lot of conversation about what one should wear to the awards ceremony. But of course, the question of how an author should dress comes up at other times, too. For example, if you’re attending a convention, or doing a reading, or giving a craft talk. What should you wear?  Continue reading

Try Starting at the End

I recently participated in a motivational contest with a bunch of writer friends in which we all anonymously wrote, in a ridiculously short time period, flash fiction based on prompts and then critiqued each others’ work. For the record, I’m pretty terrible at writing flash fiction, so I was never in danger of winning, but when reading my fellow writers’ work I found myself giving two pieces of advice over and over again. The first was, “This is too short.” In fact, I received that one myself on almost everything I wrote (see “terrible at flash fiction” above). The other one was a bit more surprising, though. I told quite a few writers that their ending was their beginning. Continue reading