Con Harassment and the Greying of Fandom

Much has been made in the blogosphere over the past couple of years about the problem of sexual harassment at science fiction conventions. Now, despite the way the sides often get portrayed, I don’t see anyone seriously arguing that sexual harassment is a good thing. Rather, the debate focuses on just how serious the problem is and what (if anything) should be done about it. With the caveat that I think any incident is one too many, and that I think this is something that should be addressed, I’m not here to weigh in on that debate. What I want to point out is that the mere perception of cons as hotbeds of sexual harassment is feeding into one of our other huge problems in fandom: our inability to appeal to younger fans.

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Free, Uh, Fiction, I Guess: The Time Traveler’s Dog

One of the things I knew I was signing up for when I decided to go back for my MFA was that I’d be writing mostly lit fic. Most of my current projects will probably never see the light of day, because, frankly, except for a couple of top-tier magazines, lit fic doesn’t pay. But last semester I took a seminar on the graphic novel, and I thought you might enjoy seeing one of my assignments:

“The Time Traveler’s Dog” by Kyle Aisteach

It’s not earning me any Eisner Awards, but I got an A in the class. 🙂

Awards-Eligible Fiction

I feel astoundingly stupid doing this every year, because there’s so much great stuff being published and my humble stories really can’t measure up, but I believe every writer should make a handy list for their readers of what they published that can be considered for the Hugo and the Nebula. We writers are notoriously bad at knowing what is and is not award-worthy in our own work. So here it goes:  Continue reading