There’s No Standardized Test

So, as I’ve mentioned, I had the opportunity to teach a summer intensive for incoming Freshmen again this year. It’s officially an English class, but the curriculum is much more oriented to teach how college is different from high school. High school nowadays, regardless of what we think about it, is about teaching kids to take a standardized test. College? Not so much. Life? Life rarely involves a standardized test. Writing?

There are no standardized tests in creative writing. Continue reading

Writers Under Pressure

(Gave the students a low-stress assignment last night, so I can steal a few minutes to blog.)

Recently, a lot of respected science fiction writers have been showing their asses in public. Not literally, of course. At least, not that I know of. But we seem to be going through a cycle where poor behavior — especially online — is again becoming quite normal. So what gives? Are all science fiction writers intolerant jerks?

Yes. Yes, we are. In fact, our favorite pastime at cons is to sit around the green room comparing restraining orders. Sound absurd? Well, it is. But I make my point. Continue reading

Keep It Classy

I’m at Westercon right now, so I’m keeping this short. But I just wanted to note that there are a couple of writers whose works I’m definitely going to be looking up when I get home, simply because I’ve watched them be totally awesome in some way or another. Keep it classy, folks! It turns spectators into readers, and readers into fans.