Contact Form Outage

I discovered yesterday that my contact form was broken. My web hosting provider got the problem fixed this evening, but in the meantime, if you used the form and I didn’t answer, I didn’t get it. Please try again. And, obviously, I apologize for any inconvenience.

BayCon So Far

Friday: Surprisingly well attended. Usually a weekday Day 1 of a con means panelists outnumbering the audience. But we had about 30 attendees for my panel in the first time slot (“Aspiring Writer’s Toolkit”). It went very well. Great panelists, and I didn’t screw up the moderating too badly. I also did a reading, which had over a dozen people in the audience. WesterCon 66 party too crowded to stay very long, but my husband finally got to meet the robot bartender.

Saturday: Was supposed to miss a few hours in the afternoon to see a show in San Francisco. But an actor got suddenly ill, and the 2.75-hour show instead lasted 4.25 hours. Traffic was then awful, and I didn’t even make it back in time for the masquerade.

I’ve got another reading tomorrow, and one last panel on Monday (“Comfort Reads”). I’m also hoping to get to sit in the audience for a couple of panels, and I still haven’t had time to visit the art show!