Consider Your Medium

So I just saw Les Misérables. Rather than review it, I’ll just say that it was deeply moving, and I didn’t like it very much. The music remains, in my opinion, the most powerful opera composed in the 20th century. I don’t think it translated to the screen well at all. It’s an opera, not a movie. And that got me thinking about just how many things I encounter that are quite simply in the wrong medium.

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It’s So What?

‘Tis the season to imagine you’re at a holiday party. Now imagine someone at that party is telling you about a novel or a short story they absolutely loved and think everyone should read. They say to you, “You’ve got to read this, it’s so ___________!” What single adjective would they be using to succinctly describe whatever it is they’re raving about?

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2012 Awards-Eligible Fiction

One thing every writer, at every level, should be doing this time of year is gathering together a list of what they’ve published that’s eligible for awards. When your peers and your readers are filling out their nomination ballots (and anyone who buys a WorldCon membership is eligible to nominate for the Hugos), they’ll pop over to their favorite writers’ websites and see which of the stories they’ve read recently were published in the correct calendar year. And, yes, I recommend doing this even if, like me, you can’t conceive of anyone wanting to nominate you for anything. Many nominees and even winners have felt that way. (And, no, you shouldn’t spam Twitter every 60 minutes reminding people to check your list and nominate you, either. That’s obnoxious.) So without futher ado, here’s what I’ve got for 2012: Continue reading