Quick Update

So, remember that rewrite request I got back in May that said my manuscript read like sloppy first draft and told me, “You know what to do. Do it…”? Well, I took a little time to do the rewrite properly. I re-submitted it to the publication in question when I was confident it read like a polished manuscript (which, incidentally, is not when all the folks who critted it were happy with it). And last night it netted me an acceptance letter.

(Just a side note to all you editors out there. You should help protect the anonymity of this editor by all buying one of my stories right now so no one will be able to guess which one I’m referring to. 🙂 )

No real dramatic insight here except to say that doing the rewrite will, on at least some occasions, result in a sale. Oh, and perhaps that you can’t try to take every recommendation that comes from a critique (I’d’ve wound up with a novel if I’d gone off developing everything that people said they wanted to see expanded).

And I also hate that WordPress screws up the formatting if I double space after a period.

That’s enough for today. I have a lecture to write.

We’re All Going To Die

A dear friend of mine from college passed away last week. I had spoken to her less than three weeks before, at which time she told me she’d been tentatively diagnosed with a still-to-be-determined type of cancer. I told her to hang in there. That’s right, folks. Tentative initial diagnosis to dead in less than three weeks. An active woman in her 30s.

But we all know we’re going to die. And we all know it can happen at any time. What the last week has taught me, quite viscerally, is that we writers need to plan for this.

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Life Without Modern Conveniences

I’m re-doing the only bathroom in the house at the moment. In fact, the only reason you’re getting to read this post is because I can’t do anything until the joint compound dries and/or the plumber fixes the “what the hell were they thinking?” mess of pipes that feed the shower. So I’m now on day 4 with no bathing facilities. And you know what? I’m grumpy.

So now I’m imagining what life must be like without indoor plumbing.

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