BayCon Notes

I’m back from BayCon. Exhausted, of course, but I had a great time. A year ago I didn’t really believe that attending conventions would be any fun (I’m slightly agoraphobic ever since I was nearly crushed in a crowd in an amusement park some years back), but I truly have found it’s invaluable for the people you get to interact with. All writers, published or otherwise, should be seriously looking at opportunities to get to a good, local convention like this one.

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By Popular Demand: Audio Version of Clockman

Well, I had no less than three requests for an audio version of “Clockman.” Never say I never do anything for you:

CLOCKMAN, the audio book

Since at least one of the people asking for audio did so with the thought that someone should do animations for it, I’m releasing this under a creative commons “share and share alike” non-commercial license. (Don’t worry, I have the reader and production company’s permission — that’s easier done than said.) So feel free to redistribute and to use this non-commercially as you see fit, provided you do so with proper attribution.


Free Fiction: Clockman

Every so often I have a piece of short fiction that I believe is worth sharing with the public, but which doesn’t find a home with a publisher. I will on occasion publish one of these pieces here, accompanied by a conversation on what I like about the piece and what I think its weaknesses are. You are welcome to join in the conversation in the comments section.


by Kyle Aisteach

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