Keep Your Middle Moving

No, this isn’t exercise advice, though it may be worth considering in that regard as well. I see a lot of writers posting about how to open a story strongly. I see a lot of opinions about what makes a good ending. But where I find most stories end up going adrift is in the middle. So, what’s the trick to keeping the story from lagging between the beginning and the ending?

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I’m Back

Well, I missed one of my deadlines last weekend, but so did most of the other folks involved in the project, so I guess I can forgive myself. Especially since I had one of the larger shares of the work that needs to be done.

Grad school has been selected, and I start in August. The program I chose is very literature intensive (as in, I will be taking all the courses required for an M.A. in literature plus almost as many units again in writing — never let them tell you an M.F.A. is inferior to a Ph.D.), so I expect to be very overwhelmed for the next three years. Hopefully you’ll find that process enlightening as well. I’m getting a head start on the reading for the comprehensive exam, because literature courses were always my Achilles heel as an undergrad. Believe it or not, I’m a very slow reader. I want to be as far ahead as humanly possible before I start classes.

And, as you may have noticed, this blog is back! I expect to have another “Craft of Writing” post for you all soon!

Temporarily Going Quiet

Just a quick note to let everyone know this blog will probably be quiet again this week. I’ve got two deadlines this weekend, and I’m in the process of trying to select a grad school from multiple offers (I know, everyone should have that problem), one of which needs an answer early next week. Hopefully we’ll be back to our regularly unscheduled programming after that. Thanks for your patience!

Free Bay Area Workshop Opportunity

Since I know I’ve got at least a couple of aspiring writers who read this blog, I thought I should pass along a reminder that the BayCon Writers’ Workshop submission deadline is April 15. For those who aren’t familiar with it, it’s a free workshop that the con has been doing for quite a while now, where they con (sorry, couldn’t resist) some of the professional writers who are attending to give a critique to aspiring writers. There’s a separate Teen Writers’ Workshop¬†for the 14-17 crowd. If you’re in the Bay Area or were planning to travel to attend BayCon¬†anyway, this is a great opportunity. And don’t wait until the last minute, because if there’s a shortage of writers willing to spend the time on the crits, it’s first-come, first-served!