2011 Awards-Eligible Fiction

I’m not expecting to publish anything else before the end of the calendar year, so I figure I may as well get this post up and out of the way early in the nominating season.  As usual, I’m not saying that any of these are deserving of your Hugo or Nebula nomination (and I always feel like an imposter for posting this list), but in the event you liked something I wrote enough to want to nominate it, I wanted you to know what’s eligible this year.

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Twist the Knife

One of the things that it’s absolutely vital that we writers do is this: Make our main characters lives difficult.

To that end, it’s essential to remember that absolutely nothing that is important in the story should be easy. Nothing. If the character needs to be at a meeting by 9:00, there absolutely, positively should be something that puts making that meeting in jeopardy. Your character can still make it in time, if you don’t want to derail your plot. Your character can be delayed and missing the meeting can become a greater complication for the rest of the story. But by no means should your character get in the car, drive for six pages, and then arrive uneventfully.

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Congratulations NaNoWriMoers!

Whether you got your 50,000 words or not (and I hope you did), I applaud your effort!

Myself, I haven’t ever done NaNoWriMo for two reasons.  First of all, I’m still not convinced it’s time for me to write a novel, and it’s only recently that the “No” in the name has started to become flexible.  And, secondly, 50,000 of rough draft is only so useful to me.  I prefer to count finished words ready for submission.  My own November count was therefore 11,600 words — which is lower than I would’ve liked, but it was a hectic month.

Good job, everyone!