Temporary Silence

I just wanted to let everyone know that the post I had planned to do today on “knowing your audience” is going to be delayed, probably until next week at the earliest. We had a death in the family, and as a result I’m just about to leave for an emergency trip to the East Coast (quite grumpily, as I hate airports and coach-class seats even in happy circumstances and at off-peak travel times). Hopefully everything will be back to normal here in the New Year.

Meanwhile, happy holidays, and I wish everyone peace and prosperity in 2012!

On Choosing a Pen Name

Last week’s post about the importance of branding your writing with different pen names for different audiences prompted a friend to suggest that a post about how to choose a pen name might be appropriate. At first I balked, because this is an area where I’m very much not an expert. But then, I remembered the power of the blogosphere, which is that we can all comment and post responses in our own blogs. In other words, this a wonderful opportunity for a community roundtable on the subject! So, here are my thoughts, which I would love for all of you to chime in on.

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Your Byline Is Your Brand

Someone on a forum I frequent asked recently about pen names, and whether a writer should use different names for different genres. Two schools of thought emerged.  One was “I can’t keep track of all those different names,” and the other one was “you should absolutely use different names for different audiences.” I’m firmly in the latter category.

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A Good Link

SFWA has just posted a new guest blog, “How I Went From Writing 2,000 Words a Day to 10,000 Words a Day” by Rachel Aaron.  Obviously, this is one writer’s personal approach, so your mileage may vary, but I’ve already found on my own that  a great deal of what she recommends is true for me as well.  (I, however, am much more productive at home with internet where I can pop online to do a bit of research when I need to and where I’m not worrying about whether or not the dog is tearing the house to pieces without me.)  Her three-point system I think is excellent, and I strongly advise anyone who is trying to increase their output to take her advice very seriously.

Free Fiction: Final Voices

Every so often I have a piece of short fiction that I believe is worth sharing with the public, but which doesn’t find a home with a publisher. I will on occasion publish one of these pieces here, accompanied by a conversation on what I like about the piece and what I think its weaknesses are. You are welcome to join in the conversation in the comments section.

Final Voices

by Kyle Aisteach

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