Contact Form Outage

I discovered yesterday that my contact form was broken. My web hosting provider got the problem fixed this evening, but in the meantime, if you used the form and I didn’t answer, I didn’t get it. Please try again. And, obviously, I apologize for any inconvenience.

It’s That Time of the Semester Again

Well, it’s the end of the semester again, which means final papers and projects are eating up the time I would rather be blogging. At the moment I’m caught up in trying to translate a bunch of Anglo-Saxon riddles. Have I mentioned that when the semester began I didn’t speak a word of Old English? Well, now I find myself muttering, “Saga hwæt ic hatte” (“Say what I’m called” — a common riddle ending) in my sleep.

I’d love to spin this into a wonderful blog post about idiomatic expressions and how easily a reader can be trained to use them, but, frankly, I’ve just said it, and I don’t really have time to elaborate.

Happy writing!

Off Playing Scholar

Just wanted to let everyone know that neither the blog nor I have died. However, I’m currently in Minnesota (where it’s a lot colder than I’m used to) attending the Native American Literature Symposium, and am therefore spread a little thin. I am, however, learning a great deal, and LeAnne Howe is here, which has me fawning like a fanboy. (All right, all right, I am still a fanboy at heart.) Hopefully I’ll walk away with something wise to say about writing, which I can distill into a post. But not before next week. I’ve also got a paper proposal to write for my Anglo-Saxon poetry seminar, two novels to read, and a story to write. If I’d realized grad school was this much work… well… I still would have done it, but I might have warned you first that any comments about me dying are probably metaphorical.