“Birth of a Pantheon”

I signed the contract today, so I think it’s safe to announce this. I’m going to have a short story, “Birth of a Pantheon,” in an exciting new anthology called Touching the Face of the Cosmos: The Roots and Future of Human Space Exploration in Religion edited by Paul Levinson and Michael Waltemathe. “Birth of a Pantheon” is one of my Venus stories, set in the same universe as “Pressure and the Argument Tree,” but decades earlier, and I’m thrilled it’s going to be sneaking out into world.  Continue reading

I Do, In Fact, Own a Crystal Ball

The internet writerly communities are currently talking about a piece in The Stranger by former MFA professor Ryan Boudinot in which he dishes out caustic observations about the general hopelessness of most MFA students. Normally, I’d ignore such a piece, but it seems to be getting traction and some of what Boudinot says I think crosses the line from being something I simply disagree with into being something that is actively harmful.   Continue reading