Curious Fictions

I’ve started putting stories up on the Curious Fictions website.

For now, I’m posting stories that have previously been available online. Since something that’s been available on the internet for free never truly goes away, I see no harm in reprinting these stories for free on the internet. Where it will go beyond that… well, that depends.

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My Writers of the Future Experience

Writers of the Future has been the subject of much discussion in writerly circles again recently. The contest’s connections to the Church of Scientology have people uncomfortable, with a few former winners speaking out against the contest and recently at least one finalist publicly withdrew their story from consideration. I, myself, tweeted the other day that until the Church of Scientology can show reform, I’m no longer comfortable supporting the contest.

Well, someone asked me to share my story. I’m not sure it’s what either side of the conversation is hoping for, but for what it’s worth, here it is.  Continue reading

(Lack of) Con Schedule

The move back to Southern California has, not surprisingly, been very hard on our finances. As a result, I’m not going to be attending FOGcon this year, though it’s one of my favorite conventions. I’ve told the good people at BayCon not to count on me, though I’m still hoping that I may be able to at least attend that one, even if it’s a last-minute call. That’s as far ahead as I’m looking at this point.

Have fun without me, y’all!