Join My Clan! (Announcing the Aisteach Tartan)

I have no way of researching this, but I think I might just be the first science fiction author with his own official, registered tartan.

For those of you who have no idea what that means, a tartan is a plaid pattern, each unique and distinct (and registered with the Scottish Register of Tartans), used in kilts and other Scottish, Irish, and English garments. Different clans, regions, organizations (and now science fiction writers) have their own tartans, and others exist just to show association with a cause or idea.

So if you’re one of those people who has always longed to wear Highland attire but never knew what tartan you should be wearing, you can now sport mine!  Continue reading

My New Droid

I got back yesterday from five days in Disneyland. It’s changed a bit since I was there last. Star Tours has been completely re-done (the old pilots now sit like taxidermy trophies in crates in the queuing area). But what hasn’t changed is that after the ride, you get dumped out in the the Star Trader gift shop.

Well, Star Trader had something I’d never seen before: something called “Build Your Own Droid,” where you can take different heads, bodies, legs, and (believe it or not) mouse ears, and create your very own R2 unit action figure.

Well, I just had to share my own, less-than-authorized, creation:  Continue reading

I’m No Longer Intelligent

I was a smart kid. Nobody doubted that I was intelligent. I got A’s on my tests (though I frequently got lower grades on my report cards, since I was smart enough to get A’s on my tests without doing all — or any — of the homework). I remembered what I had been taught, had excellent retention for what I read, and could continue to regurgitate facts long past the point at which I still needed them to pass the test.

And then society changed. Continue reading