Countless Re-reads

Logically, if you think about it, you realize that authors need to read their own work many times. We re-read it as we’re writing. Personally, I re-read before submitting. We re-read while it’s going through the editing process. What hadn’t ever really sunk into me, though, was just how many times I was going to have to re-read the “final” book as part of the proofing process.  Continue reading

Writers Under Pressure

(Gave the students a low-stress assignment last night, so I can steal a few minutes to blog.)

Recently, a lot of respected science fiction writers have been showing their asses in public. Not literally, of course. At least, not that I know of. But we seem to be going through a cycle where poor behavior — especially online — is again becoming quite normal. So what gives? Are all science fiction writers intolerant jerks?

Yes. Yes, we are. In fact, our favorite pastime at cons is to sit around the green room comparing restraining orders. Sound absurd? Well, it is. But I make my point. Continue reading