Education Fund for Hal Bowman’s Daughters

A friend of mine, Hal Bowman, passed away on Wednesday. I wasn’t going to say anything here, because I try to follow a “no politics” rule on my blog. How, you may ask, is the death of a friend a political post? Well, because, you see, he was killed in a mass shooting in San Bernadino, and no sooner had the news broken than both social and mainstream media exploded with people politicizing the event. I wasn’t terribly close to Hal — we were both part of a science fiction / gaming group and had therefore played and dined together on a number of occasions but didn’t socialize much outside that — so I felt like I could and should keep quiet. Until this happened: Continue reading

My New Droid

I got back yesterday from five days in Disneyland. It’s changed a bit since I was there last. Star Tours has been completely re-done (the old pilots now sit like taxidermy trophies in crates in the queuing area). But what hasn’t changed is that after the ride, you get dumped out in the the Star Trader gift shop.

Well, Star Trader had something I’d never seen before: something called “Build Your Own Droid,” where you can take different heads, bodies, legs, and (believe it or not) mouse ears, and create your very own R2 unit action figure.

Well, I just had to share my own, less-than-authorized, creation:  Continue reading

I Do, In Fact, Own a Crystal Ball

The internet writerly communities are currently talking about a piece in The Stranger by former MFA professor Ryan Boudinot in which he dishes out caustic observations about the general hopelessness of most MFA students. Normally, I’d ignore such a piece, but it seems to be getting traction and some of what Boudinot says I think crosses the line from being something I simply disagree with into being something that is actively harmful.   Continue reading