I Do, In Fact, Own a Crystal Ball

The internet writerly communities are currently talking about a piece in The Stranger by former MFA professor Ryan Boudinot in which he dishes out caustic observations about the general hopelessness of most MFA students. Normally, I’d ignore such a piece, but it seems to be getting traction and some of what Boudinot says I think crosses the line from being something I simply disagree with into being something that is actively harmful.   Continue reading


I’ll be attending FOGcon for the first time this year. It’s going to be held March 6-8 in Walnut Creek, CA. They’ve been kind enough to put me on a really fun panel, the Fake Authentic Folklore Improv at 9:30 PM on Saturday.

The part about this that’s baffling is how the programming committee knew that folklore is a research interest of mine. I really didn’t think I’d mentioned that to anyone.  Continue reading