Taking a Break

It’s spring break. My school, despite being a government institution, ties break to Easter. As a result, it’s falling very, very late in the semester. And that means I’m witnessing firsthand, as both a student and an instructor, the vital importance of taking a break. The students are exhausted. The professors are exhausted. Nobody is at their full mental capacity, and learning is suffering. So, yes, folks, don’t chastise yourselves for taking a break if you need one.  Continue reading

Thinking About Learning Languages

One thing that comes up often in science fiction and fantasy stories is a situation where characters would, logically, probably speak different languages. The characters may come from different countries or planets, they may come from different times, or they may even come from different social strata. Since, as writers, we need to get our characters communicating, we often wave our hands around this fact, but sometimes it just doesn’t make sense that the character would already know the language and we therefore need our characters to actually learn a different language on the fly.

So how do we learn languages?

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